– i dont respond fast enough to a f*ckin message so he sends me a message like this : “jeevan” hey darling.please tell me how can i contact you 🙂 … Hey… f*ck you b*tch … “ME” WHAT… “Jeevan” get your holes ripped by black c*cks … mother f*cker… “ME”  wtf is ur issue… so … i dont respond fast enough for an OBVIOUS A**HOLE.. and he says sum sh*t like this??? ya ! like WTF ! dont message me UNFRIEND me and dont bother with me.. NO WONDER YOU HAVE TO PAY WOMEN TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU !!! A**HOLE !!..  AND HE BLOCKED ME !! yes !!



Teahh Babbiee (  )  posts on MY page( “Fucking hell slut! there are porn sites for this !!!!! this is fucking FACEBOOK!!!!! … and also on the timeline … This slut is ugly as!!! FACEBOOK IS NOT A PORN SITE SLUT!!!!!!!….yeah whatever cunt. bring it keyboard warrior!  )  NOW of course i responded in between with “GO F*CK YOURSELF TEAHH.. and keyboard warrior?? ur the a** commenting lol… says alot for you !”…. WTF ??? now wait it gets better she commented on the timeline too!!   TEAHH- this slut ugly as!! facebook is not a porn site slut … you are ugly and yeah im ugly im not good looking but im not desperate like you and need attention post porno pics on facebook you rank slut.. actually yeah kids can fuckin see it .. my thirteen year old sister found that someone shared it thats how come im going rank… i am in a relationship with a 6 month old baby .. her profile says she was born in 2000 which she was… ****** OF COURSE we commented to this as well.. and your the only one that seems to be bothered by this.. this an 18+ page so kids cannot see it… if you dont like it shut the F*ck up you pathetic little girl and move on to someone who gives a f*ck.. and well her age isnt set right so whoever made the profile for her lied and thats an epic parental fail.. look into the real deal and check reality before you make comments and look like a big ass… facebook parental fail…hahaha.. math?? LOSER… NOW HERES THE KICKER .. this girl comments on MY PAGE TALKING TRASH how her “13” yr old sister can see an adult rated page for 18+ (RESTRICTED 18+!!! BY FB RULES AND SETTINGS) yet she has a real age and is listed as born in 2000 !! WHO THE F*CK ARE THAT KIDS PARENTS ?? AND WHAT THE F*CK SCHOOL IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THESE A**HOLES??? first off .. im not a slut !! im married 15 years !! second off stop talking sh*t to other girls it makes you look pathetic, jealous, and stupid !!.. and by fb rules NO ONE under 18 can see the page PERIOD !! we have tested the page and it is IMPOSSIBLE to see it under 18 with a REAL AGE/DATE LISTED !!!  IT DOES NOT EVEN SHOW IN SEARCH PERIOD !! so dont F*CKIN lie … tell your parents to correct her age if she can see adult pages !! and LEARN HOW TO USE FACEBOOK SETTINGS IF YOU DONT LIKE WHAT SHOWS ON YOUR NEWS FEED CHANGE YOUR SETTINGS !! we are adults… act like adults and will not be dictated by lil childish a**HOLES on what we can, cannot post on OUR PAGE !! .. HAVE A GOOD DAY AND GO F*CK YOURSELF !! 🙂

teah babbieteah babbie 2

Tanya Faux (  : “Facebook is not a porn or playboy site”   … your dictating to ADULTS what they can and cannot like as well as post?? 🙂 since when is it your job to tell others what they should or shouldnt post?? afterall.. what is being posted is on an 18+ page.. and is INVISIBLE to anyone under 18 (as long as they have their real age listed.!!) and they are not my kids.. so its not my responsibility to censor what i post bc of what others dont like or dont want to see.. if you dont like it DONT LOOK !! and if it shows on your feed.. FIX YOUR DAMN SETTINGS !! YOU and only YOU control what is posted thru your feed !! and if you dont know how to change your settings then LOOK IT UP !! its rather simple !! 🙂


I have a page you can find me at…. I am in my 30s.. married and have kids.. I enjoy taking pictures as a hobby.. its about fantasy that we ALL enjoy .. I do get flack for my pictures from those who do not understand why i take the pictures i do .. as well as they dont know anything about me and just assume the worst.. well IM MARRIED.. im not here to be in the middle of anyones relationships !! PERIOD.. I am not that kind of girl!.. I do NOT sleep around.. and i am NOT a cheater !! so do even ask me if i would !! we are together 15 years !! thats why we are comfortable doing what we do!.. my photographer is my husband.. so YES he knows what I do ! because we do it together !!.. ;) … ALSO …

from now on anyone who posts negative comments on my page..   will be added to a new blog that I will update with links to profiles and their original comment screenshot !! you will end up on a wall of shame because of your negative comments.. I’m not the one who searches out people to make such remarks.. so why should anyone else.. well .. I’m sick of the negative people and the “I can say what I want attitude.. well SO CANT I !!.. :) and its LEGAL for me to share anywhere I want.. because its MY PAGE !! I OWN ALL CONTENT POSTED ON IT !!  .. (NOT YOU !)  there’s absolutely NO REASON to even make a remark.. let alone think your my boss to tell me what I can and cannot do ! you do not own me.. nor are u my parent or boss.. you are just a person who needs a hobby and some happiness in life.. don’t bring others down or try to bring them down because of an opinion or remark.. either keep on or keep quiet ! :)

StiKKiBunS ❤



Mate get a life and stop posting pics of urself u want men to fkn oogle over u go to a fukn bar its dicusting



vanessa phelps

so here is sweet Vanessa…(  I personally dont know a thing about her.. but this is what she posts on a complete strangers page.. such a sweet person right?? clearly NOT !..

Our very first negative unnecessary comment ! all others will be added with links to their profiles under this post 😉 WELCOME TO MY BLOG OF SHAME… here everyone will see how rude and negative you are to COMPLETE STRANGERS !! this is your character.. not mine.. it speaks VOLUMES !!

                                   Why would anyone wanna check out pics of a fat chick ?

BTW Mitch. im 115 lbs !  🙂 StiKKiBunS